Martial Arts for ages 9 to 15

Learn Respect and Self-Defense With Junior Teen Martial Arts Classes!

The core discipline of our martial arts class is respected because students must always treat their instructors and fellow students with respect. Ultimately, studying martial arts teaches teens to respect themselves and others to respect them.

We help your child build self-respect, stay fit while encouraging a sense of discipline. Through our specially designed Junior Teen Martial Arts classes, we enable your child to control his/her feelings and overcome his/her weaknesses, which in turn adds to his/her self esteem and self-respect. Our highly-effective instructor's design Junior Teen Martial Arts sessions that emphasize the self instead of the opponent.

Children Of All Ages Should Stay Fit And Active

Regular physical activity can help children and adolescents improve cardiorespiratory fitness, build strong bones and muscles, and control weight. Our Junior Teen Martial Arts program combines a self-defense curriculum along with a rigorous workout that is designed to add strength while improving their cardio fitness. Our classes utilize two types of movement: 1) bodyweight strength exercises and 2) self-defense movements.

Let Your Teen Grow With Every Class!

We're Equipping Students With Lifelong Tools

Here children enjoy a fun and energetic program that builds strength, flexibly, endurance and character. The After School Junior Teen Martial Arts Program gives kids the confidence, self-discipline and leadership skills to excel at school, at home and in sports. Here your child will be surrounded by caring, friendly, patient, helpful and professional instructors dedicated to helping your child achieve their fitness, and academic goals. Not only does our program focus on fitness, safety and self-defense, but it also provides them with a safe, positive, and respectful environment to learn new techniques and overcome their fears and challenges.